The back flex sold by Nikken may seem somewhat illogical when one first encounters the cutting edge technology which incorporates Far-Infrared Technology developed by scientist to actually absorb the energy radiated by your body, then give it back to your body so that you get a soothing relaxing warmth on your lower back naturally without ointments, creams, or some electric pad.

Extra heat is dispensed to help keep you comfortable. This convenient appliance requires no batteries and is designed to exist to your trousers so that it lasts secure on your lower back where you are experiencing the greatest discomfort.

Although the Far-Infrared technology is vital to relieving the discomfort or even agony in your lower back it is by no means the only technology this device uses to insure your absolute comfort. The Nikken back flex is made from strong patented magnetic technology designed, tested and refined through years of development by Nikken Inc.

The Nikken company is one you can trust to deliver quality, effective products. Nikken it has been delivering on promises for 35 years, satisfying millions of customers around the globe. Headers are in Irvine California the company has sold billions of dollars worth of the products through word or mouth advertizing alone.

Word of mouth advertizing is a two-edged sword for, if your products do not perform as promised you will not stay in business long. On the other hand when you have products that work to make a people back stop hurting, your growth will be phenomenal as that of Nikken International has been.

The back flex built and sold by Nikken is forward edge “space age” technology. Who else wants a flat pad that they can put where it hurts and make the excruciating discomfort disappear? The directions for use are that simple put it where you hurt take it off when you no longer hurt. Easy and effective.

The truth is my wife and I have both had back problems including surgeries, before we found the back flex my wife had trouble even getting out of bed. She was unable to garden or clean house. It got so bad she could not enjoy her grandchildren. When one of our friends found out about how bad my wife felt she recommended Nikken to us. The Nikken products gave us back out lives we even started playing tennis in our late forties.

To this day we use a back flex every day and enjoy backs that do not hurt. That's why you should get yourself a back flex right away.