No matter how we look at it, the lower back on any one is subjected to a lot of strain. Below, learn what is lumbago and how it is valued by the medical community. For starts, it is an umbrella term for lower back pain. Aches and pains can raise in the area due to training, tumors and more.

Therefore, it is imperative to seek treatment. To begin with, you should have a better understanding of what is causing the discomfort or pain. Upon diagnosis, you will have treatment options, that could even include surgery for those who are suffering veryly. The bottom line is that almost everyone will experience lower back pain sometimes in their lives.

It is one of the leading causes of absences from work, too, not to mention interfering with daily life. Seeing a doctor is therefore, highly recommended in order to treat your problem. There are numerous symptoms that accompany lumbago, such as stiffness in the lower back. Also, one can feel tingling sensations in the lower legs and even into the feet. Spinal curvatures can develop because the body adapts to the pain as it best can.

Heavy lifting is often the culprit, as is incorrect lifting. However, arthritis may be the problem, as well. Other culprits include scoliosis, osteoporosis, tumors, herniated discs, and more. Typically, x-ray machines are used to diagnose the problem, but sometimes it calls for an MRI.

After determining the root problem, treatment can begin. Usually, the most common recommendations will be stretching, exercising and massage. Pain relievers will also be suggested, which you probably already have. However, some cases that are more severe will call for painkillers and even ant-inflammatory medication, which is meant to reduce swelling.

Anti-depressants are sometimes prescribed for patients with chronic or extreme pain, in an effort to help them mentally cope with their problem. You could also try topical ointments, and switching hot and cold compresses. Acupuncture is another alternative treatment that can provide relief in some patients. After all other treatments are attempted, surgery may be recommended for some patients.

A good understanding of what is lumbago and the particular condition you suffer from will help you make wiser decisions. Together with your doctor, you can come up with a treatment plan that will work in your favor. Doing so will help you return to a more normal life once again.

Do not suffer in silence with Lumbago, there are treatments out there to make your life bearable again.