Middle back pain is one of the most common problems that hit a lot of people, particularly the adults. It is easy to absorb that it is caused by long hours of sitting due to work or a bad sleeping position. However, the truth is that there is more to back pain than just these simple explanations. If you are feeling pain in the mid-section of your back, then you need to pay attention to it and discover the reason why you are suffering from such.

Do not be quick to dismiss that the pain you are feeling is nothing more than the ordinary. Keep in mind that the middle back is where you will find 12 vertebrae which are also part of the thoracic section of the spine. Yes, there is cartilage between each bone and these enable smooth movement. The cartilage also acts as shock absorber. When any of these parts do not function the way it is provided to, that is when you feel the pain.

What are the different reasons why a person feels pain in their mid-back section?

• Improper Posture-A lot of people tend to slouch while walking, standing or sitting. If your body is not aligned the right way, the pressure on the mid-section of your back increases. Slouching for a long period of time also jeopardizes the condition of the vertebrae and cartilage, resulting to pain.

• Extensive Muscle Use-Whether it is due to sports, labor or workout, overusing your muscles will lead to back pain. Lifting heavy objects can also tear the tissues of the muscle.

• Sudden Twisting-This could be a result of a simple bad stretch, slipping or an accident. A sudden twist could impair the muscles, cartilage or even the actual vertebrae.

• Herniated Disk-This is the problem when a bulge forms in between the vertebrae which causes leakage to the spinal column. Aside from that, the lump will also pinch the nerves which will make the pain even more intolerable.

• Arthritis-This is a normal problem for the older people. The cartilages lose its elasticity and smoothness. Here, when movement is done, the vertebrae tend to painfully rub with each other.

• Osteoporosis-This is a problem related to the health of the bones. When bone degeneration occurs, it would be harder to support the body. Here, there will be more pressure which could trigger pain.

Simple back pains are often resolved by getting sufficient rest until the body heals itself. This could take a couple of days to a week and the pain should gradually decrease.

Contrary to what other people think, intensive workout or exercise would not resolve the problem. It is okay to allow the middle back part to do some light movements like careful stretching or gentle yoga but this has to be done very cautiously.

Before you even do anything to try and resolve your back pain, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor. That way, you would not aggravate the situation.