A range of discomforts are experienced by a woman who is pregnant. The reason behind this is the increasing weight that puts stress on the back portion and legs. Few woman also experience sciatica nerve pain during the period of pregnancy. Occurrence of this can lead to extreme painful from the regular uncomfortable discomfort. The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in the body which stimulates and controls the movement of the lower part of the body. When there is compression and inflammation observed in the physical body, pressing action stresses the sciatica nerve causing acute pain.

Women who complain about sciatica nerve pain which is sharp and shooting down the back of the legs, have experienced the same before pregnancy. One of the main reasons for occurrence of such pain is prolonged working on their feet and excessive weight. The best way to reduce the pain is to lie down to one of the side. This particular post reduces the overall burden on the back and the legs. Depending upon the nature of activities that are carried out in day to day life, one must set postures accordingly. This step brings the development of sciatica and reduces the pain in the lower back and leg.

Sciatica nerve pain can also be reduced by providing warmth to the body. Use of warm compresses, a warm bath and a controlled temperature in the room will prevent the aggression of pain. It is always advisable not to use heels during pregnancy as they cause discomfort and increase the level of sciatica. Use of comfortable shoes with soft soles is preferable as they offer nil or reduced stress development in the feet. Regular exercises will help reduce the amount of stress developed in the lower back portion of the body.

It is also necessary to consult a doctor for approval to carry out certain exercises to prevent sciatica nerve pain. Swimming is one of the best available exercises that prevent the development of sciatica. Pregnant woman can also look forward for prenatal yoga that provides greater relief from the stress and increases the amount of relaxation. If the pain is aggravating, one must visit a physical therapist who will offer help by showing special exercises that will improve the strength in the regions of abdomen, lower back and pelvic muscles. Sciatica occurs as a temporary ailment during pregnancy and can be overcome with little preventive measures.