When a person is suffering from pain which is cost due to compression or irritation of spinal nerve roots, he or she will be diagnosed with sciatica. Sciatica nerve pain is generally caused due to irritation caused on the left or the right or both. In addition to the pain, severe numbness, muscular weakness, tingling sensation and difficulty in controlling the lack may be felt by the patient. It is important to diagnose the same at an earlier stage to find the best remedy to cure the same. When exposed to prolonged cold weather, there is an increase in the amount of pain observed by the patient.

True meaning of the term sciatica nerve pain is always misunderstood. Although the actual term reflects to development of pain in the lower back and leg region, it completely depends on the set of symptoms as explained by the patient. It is important to understand the symptoms to find the root cause of the pain to provide accurate treatment. As the treatment changes from a particular symptom to other and also on the level of pain experienced by a patient, every single cause of the symptom should be observed carefully.

Diagnosis of sciatica nerve pain is performed through physical examination, neurological testing and taking in to account the history of the patient. Speaking of physical examination, sciatica is tested positive with the help of straight leg rising test. If the pain is developed during the transition from 30Â ° post to a 70Â ° posture, sciatica can be confirmed. The other forms through which sciatica can be confirmed are through computerized tomography or through magnetic resonance imaging. MR Neurography has helped diagnose 95% of sciatica patients. About 15% are suffering from disk related problems that is also one of the reason for the cause of sciatica.

When a person is suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms, it is time for them to carry out diagnosis to check for the presence of sciatica. Sciatica nerve pain can cause severe pain and hamper day to day regular activities. Apart from the right treatment, it is also important for the person to carry out regular exercises. Selection of exercises should be transported out depending upon the root cause for occurrence of sciatica. Treatment varies according to the level of pain that these observed. It is always advisable to keep a track record of health to sense immediately changes at any point of time.