Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of working behind a desk for any extended period of time knows that in time you will start to suffer from backaches, possible headaches and eyestrain from staring at monitor on a desk that is not a height adjustable workstation. Many people when faced with this problem make it a habit to get up and stretch and move around for a few minutes every hour but while this is good it is still not a long term solution.

Another solution is to use a set to standing desk, especially if your work requires you to do both. Using this type of ergonomic desk will let you use a variety of postures that you can not use when you are sitting down to work. It will also give you more movement variation which can help keep your body more healthy and active.

There are also many different health benefits when employees use ergonomic adjustable desks. Many state that using this type of office desk helps keep them physically in better shape. It also helps them to concentrate and focus on their jobs more effectively. It also helps to alleviate some of the backache that they experience from sitting all day at a desk that makes them have to lean over a lot in order to get their work done.

If your office has many workers that only need to work at a desk occasionally, having an adjustable height workstation makes it easier for the desk to be adjusted for anyone's comfort. This is particularly true for people who are especially tall or short and it is hard for them to work comfortably at a standard desk that can not be adjusted. Equipping your office with ergonomic desks can also help to prevent many different musculoskeletal problems that can happen if you sit all day in one certain position.

If your office uses sit to standing desks causing you to have to change positions several times during the day it will help to keep your employees more productive and attentive. Many times when you have been sitting in one position for any length of time you will start to feel little aches, signally it is time to get up and move. Moving can also help to encourage your flow of blood.

There are many different types of adjustable desk. One has a counterbalanced mechanism or spring in which you can adjust your desk to the height that is comfortable for you. It can be done at any times and adjustable desks with these types of mechanisms make it easier to adjust desks that are going to be used by different people. The downside of height adjustable workstations with these mechanisms can make the adjustments awkward and slow, especially if there is any heavy equipment on the desk.

The next type of adjustable desk is adjusted by pushing an electronic button, which operates the most flexible form of height for your new adjustable desk. If your job requires you working at a desk for most of your work day ask to your employer about getting an adjustable workstation to make your job easier.