Our bodies work best when both sides are equal and balanced; after all, that's how they were designed to work! Yet most of us are not totally symmetrical. Some of those asymmetries have no effect on our bodies. But when our feet are unbalanced, the result can be back pain. It sounds farfetched, but our bodies are complex machines with plenty of intricate-and interconnected-parts.

How Foot Misalignment Causes Back Pain

Your feet are truly the foundation of your body. And without a strong, level foundation the rest of your body can get a little … off-kilter. Sometimes the imbalance in your feet causes imbalances in other parts of your body, like a chain reaction. First your pelvis gets off balance, which in turn pushes your shoulders and spine out of balance.

• A fallen arch causes your foot to flatten and roll (pronate). The connected leg automatically begins to turn inward.
• As the leg rotates excessively, there's extra stress on the knee, along with twisting of the hips and spine. If only one leg is turning, the pelvis becomes off balance, contributing to functional scoliosis.
• Once your pelvis is tilted, there's more tension on the muscles and connective tissue around it-which connect to your back muscles and bones. This often causes chronic back pain.
• Favorite one side over the other when you walk or run can lead to uneven loss of your body's natural “shock absorbers” over time. The extra stress on the foot can travel up the body, causing joint and back pain.

Why Doctors Recommend Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
A pelvic stabilizer is not an effective treatment for all kinds of back pain. However, if your back pain originates from a structural imbalance in your skeletal system, it could be an ideal option. A few benefits of spinal pelvic stabilizers:

• Spinal pelvic stabilizers support your foot, preventing excessive turning or twisting of the foot and ankle. This reduces unnecessary stress on the body.
• A pelvic stabilizer provides additional shock absorption, reducing your risk for repetitive stress injuries in joints and muscles and decreasing the symptoms of arthritis.
• Pelvic stabilizers are less expensive and less invasive than many other back pain treatment options. If back pain is caused by a structural or functional problem, stabilizers are often the best option.

Ultrasonic pelvic stabilizers can do more than simply reduce back and body pain. They can help you improve athletic performance; reduce the occurrence of back, leg, knee or foot problems.