Your lower back hurts? A typical response would be to stay in bed and take it easy for a few days until the pain stops. And that is all well and good – but only up to a point.

When done for more than just a day or two, inactivity can actually undersine the healing process in your lower back and make the pain worse in the long run. Exercising is recommended for both alleviating the pain in the lower back, and for the rehabilitation of your spell.

It is easy to get scared away from exercising when your back hurts so much that it makes even your everyday activities difficult. However, you must strengthen and increase flexibility of your core in order to decrease the pain in this area!

You can perform exercises that strengthen your lower back muscles as well as your abdominal muscles. During the early stages, it is recommended to exercise for ten to thirty minutes a day. You can then gradually increase the number of repetitions. The key is to start easy, and progress gradually, always doing it in a controlled manner. Any pain you may feel when starting an exercise is supposedly to go away after some time – not to intensify!

Swimming, walking, cycling, stretching, Pilates and yoga can be helpful in battling back pain as well. Lifting weights, when done properly, can relate your back pain – just avoid it in the instance of acute lower back pain. Exercising comes with another bonus: it may help you lose some weight, which relieves strain on your back, in turn alleviating the pain.

However, make sure you check with your doctor before doing any exercise for back pain. Depending on your condition, some exercises may be counter productive. Exercises that place additional strain on your spine are better avoided.

For example, it is better to avoid exercises such as leg lifts or standing toe touches if you have any kind of back problems. And since most people perform sit-ups incorrectly, it is better to avoid this exercise too, and try partial crunches, hamstring stretches, press-up back extensions, bridging, or wall sets instead.

When your lower back hurts, it is only natural to feel like resting. Just remember that it has been proven that those who remain active are the ones most likely to recover quickly! Most lower back pain gets better when one lasts active: prolonged bed rest equals a longer recovery period!