Side Sleeper Pillows: These are best for side sleepers and they can minimize snoring and aide with sleep apnea. If you are a side sleeper, you usually have a disposition towards stiffness in your arms and neck, frozen shoulder and back pain. This is a result of the excess pressure that is created on your neck, arms, shoulders, and back due to improper body, spinal and neck alignment. Side sleeper pillows create full body alignment from your neck to your toes providing optimal sleeping support. They also vary in sizes and material.

Belly Pillows: A stomach sleeper usually experiences back pain and a stiff neck. A flatter, softer but firm pillow is ideal choice because it supports your spine allowing it to stay in line with your head. It also minimizes turning your head in uncomfortable positions throughout the night. Belly pillows can also be purchased with inflatable air cells providing you with varied firmness options.

Wedge Pillows: This is also a great pillow for back sleepers. It can minimize pain in neck area, middle and lower back pain. There are many Tri-Core orthopedic wedge pillows. The wedge pillow can be placed under your neck or knees.

Leg Wedge or Knee Pillows: Best for side sleepers when placed between the knees to reduce strain on the hips, back and minimize stiffness of the leg muscles. Also, used for back sleepers to place underneath the knee to create an upward angle. They are primarily made of a thick foam or memory foam and are frequently rectangular or hourglass shaped.

Leg Pillows: Best used for swollen feet, pain in ankles, lower back and leg pains. They keep your legs elevated while you sleep. These pillows are specifically designed to take strain off of your back and lower body by aligning your spine. Some of these pillows come with a height adjustable internal wedge.

They are also known as a wedge type pillow.

Roll Leg Pillows: If you are experiencing sore leg muscles, back and spine ailments, look in to a roll leg pillow. They are cylindrical and are manufactured with memory foam, cushion foam or micro beads. When placed under the knee they can minimize the strain. It can also be placed behind your neck or back and some have adjustable inner core.

Neck Roll Pillows: Best used for neck stiffness or soreness and side and back sleepers. They are smaller than a regular pillow and come in a cylinder shape and are great for traveling. They are designed to fit the curvature of your neck. They are usually made of memory foam or polyester fill. Memory foam is the most popular due to its comfort and softness allowing for support of the upper spine area.

Concave Leg Pillows: Best for side sleepers to reduce strain on the spine. They are usually made of memory foam and are a little firmer than standard leg pillows to help keep the legs in a parallel position.

Maternity and Pregnancy Pillows : Although designed for pregnant women this pillow is also a great asset for back and side sleepers. It alleviates a lot of strain on the hips knees and lower back. There is a wide range of choices in this pillow including size, shape, material and colors.Also, suited for neck and head support and can be used post delivery to aide in nursing. Your choice is based on budget and preference.

Cervical Pillows: This type of pillow is best used for lower and upper back pain and spinal soreness. There are a lot of options for cervical pillows including some that have healing packs that can massage the neck. They are smaller in size and offered in many styles and looks. They are easy to transport and can be used in many different ways including between the knees for side sleepers and under the knee for back sleepers.

Coccyx Pillows: Best for coccyx (lower spine) or commonly known as the tailbone. Although this is an area of ​​injury that requires time to heal these pillows are superior strain releases for that specific area. These are great for traveling, especially if you are doing a lot of driving in the car, and they also can provide relief for those that are sitting at a desk for most of the day. It reduces the strain on the tailbone or lower spinal discs. The coccyx pillow is primarily made of memory foam which has greater density so that it molds to your body shape.