Lower back pain is the most common type of pain from which people can suffer from during their middle and young age, between the ages of 25 and 55. 80% of the population will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. So, it is very important to understand the activities, which may prolong or exacerbate an episode of lower back pain, and also what to expect when you seek physical therapy.

Physical therapy is one of the techniques that treat the pain causing conditions by means of the physical maneuvers. This will be useful in many situations and it is a very good choice, because it does not require any surgical or medical intervention and the patients can find much relief from their pain.

In general, the aim of this therapy is to decrease the level of back pain, improve the functionality, and also provide education on the maintenance program to stop further recurrences.

Passive Therapy:

There are several forms of Physical therapy. The therapist focuses on reducing the pain with passive therapy. These types of therapies are considered as the passive therapy because these are done to patient.

• Ice or heat packs
• Iontophoresis
• TENS units
• Ultrasound

Active Therapy:

In addition to the passive therapies, the active therapy is also required to rehabilitate a spa. Typically, back exercise program of a patient should encompass the following combinations:

• Stretching
• Strengthening
• Low-impact aerobic exercises

There are many advantages of lower back pain physiotherapy. This will increase the healing speed and also provides relief from pain. To acquire best result, it is necessary to continue the treatment for some days.

Lower back physical therapy is the best way to handle the back pain without taking the risk of hazard of chemicals, which can happen due to the usage of medicines, and without having surgical procedures and interventions.

Before getting the physiotherapy for lower back pain, it is better to consult the physician, who examines and determines the actual nature of the exhausted problem. He may give you some useful suggestion for getting relief from the pain. Usually the advice of physiotherapy is given by the health care provider or a doctor.

Physical therapy for the low back pain is also used to treat the people who are practically disabled due to the pain, ie they are unable to function normally. For these people, a combined program of exercise and physical therapy treats them at two levels. The exercise program can stretch the muscles and restore their normal functionality. To prevent the recurrence of further pain, you can continue this exercise even after you get relief from the pain.