Thousands upon thousands of people have some sort of a back problems, maybe it happened as a sports injury, car accident, lifting something wrong or just age, as we get older our bones get brittle and our discs in our backs start to dry up and get hard, there are many ways to injure your back and if you have done it you know what I mean.

I'm going to tell you some of the things I do to help with my back situation, but first a little bit about me, I injured my back in a car accident in 1978, long time ago, at that time I was young and in fairly good shape, was pretty sore for the next week but the aches and pains had finally gone away, I started having some back issues but did not think about much about it, as time went on I was having more and more issues, it got to the point where I could not tie my shoes in the morning, and I would have times where I would be walking and just fell to the ground, it was as if my legs had disappeared from under me,

Now at this time, I figured it was time I better go see a doctor, so I made an appointment to see a physician, at that time in 1982 that they really did not know about back issues that much, they did some physical therapy, put me on a traction table and of course pain medication.

After about a year of this and it does not help me I decided to see a chiropractor, at this time many doctors did not believe in chiropractors and would not recommend them, so I made an appointment and it was the best thing I ever did, for awhile, what happened was I had let the bulging discs in my back the L4 and L5 Vertabrae go for so long without treatment, they were rubbing against my disc and because of that they had rubbed my disc so thin it finally tore, ruptured or herniated which caused more pressure on the nerves in my lower back, which increased the sciatica pain much more in my left buttock, I only had numbness and tingling down to my knees, some people it goes all the way to there feet.

At this point there was nothing the chiropractor could do for me, so at this point I needed surgery, which I had and what they did was go in and just trim the disc off around the vertebrae, I still had some of my disc left which was about paper thin, they decided not to fuse the two disc together because I still had some disc left, my surgery had taken place in 1993 so I did make it for about 10 years with help from the bone cracker, the first thing I do remember when waking up from surgery was that I could feel my legs that was awesome, they told me if the rest of my disc has a problem they would then fuse the two vertebrae together, this is where they scrape bone off your hip and use it to fuse the backbone together.

Of course I still have some issues but not to bad, I want to tell you what I do to help with my back, stretching and exercising daily, I do own a inversion table and if you do not know what that is, it is a machine that hangs you upside down, and it helps a lot, using ice helps, it seems to keep any swilling down, I also use swimming noodles, these are the foam things kids use in the water to float on, they are about three inches in diameter and three foot long, what I do is cut a piece off around 10 inches long, lay that piece on the floor then I lay on it on my back as it runs up my spine from between my shoulder blades down, I lay there and relax, the more you can relax the better, you can also use a rolled up towel but it will not hold it's shape very well, you can also use a tennis ball but that is a little harder and it hurts more, but works .

My favorite is a full body massage, I try to do this a couple times a year, I set up an appointment for a massage and either before or after the massage I see my chiropractor, I get an adjustment and then get a 1 hour body massage, you talk about feeling wore out, but in a day or so do I feel good.

Stretching, here are a couple stretching exercises that I do, sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, lift left leg and put left ankle on top of right knee, breath out and lean forward, hold stretch for about 10 to 20 seconds , now switch and do other leg, 2. Sit in same chair, put your feet flat on the floor, spread them apart far enough so you can bend down in between your knees, breath out as you bend forward. 3. lay flat on your back on the floor, legs straight out, pull your left knee towards your chest, breath out and hold for 10 seconds, now the same knee pull slowly towards your right shoulder and hold, you should get a nice stretch in your lower back and left buttock, now do the other leg. You can get more back information here, what is a bulging disc , good luck and I hope this helps you.