The largest cause in most cases of non specific back pain – pain not due to damage from accident and injury or birth defect – and, in fact, most physical ailments lie in what sufferers have been consuming since birth. (Not entirely their fault as they have bought the lies put out by advertising companies).

Thanks to the processors of foods, prisoners of insects, industrial waste – the list goes on.

Of course the doctors 'junk medicines' are hugely to blame, slowly poisoning their victims from birth. Just read some of the side affects on the pamphlets supplied with the stuff.

So .. to get back to the point in question. The answer is so simple that it gets overlooked. To get down to basics; Muscles go into spasm and the ligaments slip over the vertebral spines, pulling the vertebra out of alignment, pinching nerves etc. But, that's not basic to the problem. Why does this continue to happen? Well, the muscles and ligaments are made of cells and tissue. If these are damaged or diseased, the muscles can not operate correctly and the whole shooting match goes out.

Processed foods

Processed foods and bad diets make the body acidic. I'm not talking about acidity in the stomach ie hart burn, I'm talking about the condition in the body. A simple urine test will indicate acidity – or alkalinity – levels in the body.

Acid is the no 1 enemy of cells and tissue. The cells and tissue then cant do their work efficiently.

This cause goes back to before birth. What was the mother eating – what was the condition of her body? If her body was acidic, so was her unborn child's.

Many people started this life with this problem and did not even know it.

Although cells regenerate, they can only regenerate at a certain pace and we tend to damage them faster than they are regenerating. Witness people who drink a lot and eat plentifully on rich foods and red meats etc., how their health degenerates faster than the average persons. And compare them also to non smoking, non drinking healthy eaters. Unhealthy people are not unlucky in some mysterious way; they made their bodies that way.

Stretch and Manipulative Exercises can help alleviate the problem quickly and reliably successfully, but only temporarily and will not cure the condition.

The pain you feel is a symptom. It can only be handled successfully by going beyond the back pain.

The three steps to handling the problem terminatedly:

1. Clean out the injured and damaged cells and tissue.

2. Assist the regeneration of the cells and tissue so the energy can flow freely.

3. Eat healthily to keep it from repeating – Nobody's a saint but try to eat plenty of fresh ORGANIC fruit, vegetables – especially green leafy veggies, nuts, eat fish or chicken and cut down on the red meat. Very importantly, do not mix carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal. This causes the carbs to ferment and the proteins to putrefy and constipation ensues, creating poisons and giving off gas. This is absorbed into the blood stream which in turn causes the body to become acidic.