Lower Left Back Pain
Lower left back pain can be caused by a large majority of different ailments, a large number of which are resolved with traditional back exercises and stretching, or therapy.

The most common cause of lower back pain, which may be due to lower left back pain, or lower right back pain is caused by muscular knots. These knots themselves can be caused by a large number of issues, but generally due to the center of gravity of the body being shifted from neutral. This in turn causes the smaller supporting muscles to work a lot harder to allow the body to balance, and fatigue sets in. These injuries may not get the opportunity to heal as the undering cause may still be upsetting the center of the body.

Kidney Problems
A common cause of lower left back pain can be kidney problems, specifically ailments such as kidney stones, or a kidney infection. The reason the pain occurs, besides the problems in the kidney is that the kidney may be inflamed, and can displace the internal organs and tissue in that area. This will in turn cause the body's center to be away from its neutral position, putting the muscles under pressure.

Intestinal Problems
Other causes of pain can be intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. This sort of problem will also lead to inflammation in the intestine, which could lead to cramping, and those cramps could also cause further imbalance and pain. The swelling itself can have a direct impact on the body's center and may well result in pain in the back.

Muscular Strain
Something as simple as a closed muscle in the back from lifting incorrectly, or from a sporting injury can lead to lower left back pain. The muscles of the back may then compensate for this weakness in the muscles with other maker muscles, which will become tired more quickly, and lead to knots and possible spasm in the muscles. It is possible that lower left back pain may be felt for a problem that exists is the lower right of the back, and is due to the muscles of the left side of the back compensating for this.

During pregnancy pain may also be felt in the lower left, this is due to the internal organs and tissues being moved around, causing a shift of balance for the body. Add to this the fact that a baby of considerable weight is growing, and pulling the body forwards, causing the back to work harder. In this situation it is important to stretch, and exercise lightly, as well as maintaining good posture, and resting more often if necessary.

For any pain in the back, taking medication should only be considered as a short-term measure, as the underlying problem needs to be resolved, especially as the cause may be something that will make the pain get worse. As with all pain in the back, unless it is a short-lived pain caused by and easily recognizable problem, such as a strained muscle, you should seek medical advice, to ensure that the pain is not indicative of a more serious problem that you are not aware of.