The saying, “Prevention is better than Cure” stands true for back pain. Back pain can certainly be prevented if we take care of certain things. First of all we have to understand the root cause of back pain. The causes can be many a fold. Most common being, over the years wear and tear of spine while we use our backs leading to what is known as mechanical back pain, I: e: the pain associated with movement, activities and change of posture. So, we must pay attention to how we use our back in day to day activities. Initially, we have to practice it consciously till it becomes impregnated in our subconscious mind. Below are the points one need to practice to prevent back pain.

Firstly, we should all practice a good posture. We all should try to sit tall, walk tall and stand tall. This helps to keep the curves of the spine in the natural physiological position, without causing undue stress on tissues. Always remember a good posture is attainable with sensory, visual cues and feedback from the environment. We should avoid being in one post for prolonged periods and try to change our posture frequently. For example, we should avoid sitting in one position at a stretch and try to incorporate few stretches or change to standing or walking around. Failure to do so can lead to back pain as commonly seen in desk job people.

Secondly, we should be vigilant of our backs when we transition from one position to another while carrying heavy weights. For example, while getting up from lying position, we should turn and get up instead of getting up straight. Similarly, while lifting something heavy from ground, we should keep our back straight by bending at knees and keeping weight as much close to the body. Also, one should avoid lifting more than 5 kg of weight from the ground manually.

Thirdly, we should also pay attention to our clothing, footwear and mattress. One should always wear comfortable clothes which do not restrict the free movements of body parts especially during exercise. One should wear at least one inch. broad cushioned footwear to support normal arch of the feet. Almost flat footwear or high heels should not be worn as these lead to abnormal weight bearing and hence stress by putting feet in to an abnormal posture. One should choose a firm mattress over too hard or a soft mattress. One test to check the firmness is to rule out any impressions of the body from the mattress while getting up as the first thing in the morning.

In addition, one should also be watchful of the sitting surface. One should put a good office chair which supports low back curve and adjust the desk height. One should avoid sitting on saggy, low surfaces if already have a back pain. Adjusting one's seat while driving according to one's height can also go a long way in avoiding back pain.

If we adopt at least these above measures, it can help to keep our spine in perfect health and delay aging process due to wearing and tearing of the spine.