For physical labors like construction workers, maintaining a healthy back is essential in getting paid for one's occupation. Great care is needed to ensure the longevity of the spinal column and the lower back muscles. However, even people who are not physically active are at risk of developing bad back habits that may lead to serious consequences in the future. Professionals, students and even senior citizens are advised to take absolute precaution while engaging in physical activities that may strain the back area. Here, it is important for people to keep in mind these simple steps in back pain prevention.

While standing straight and upright may be the most repeated request of a mother to her children, people should realize that it is much better to keep one foot slightly ahead of the other while standing up. The knees should also be slightly bent. This easily takes unnecessary pressure off the lower back. Another vital tip in back pain prevention is to have the knees raised slightly higher than the hips while sitting down. This enables the back to fully support the rest of the body while a person is on a chair or a stool.

People should not hesitate to use ladders and stools to acquire objects that are above the shoulders. This results the back from being overstretched while reaching upward. Next, it's necessary to remember that it is much easier to push an object than to pull it. Moreover, the arms and legs must initiate the push and not the lower back. It would be generally more helpful if more individuals help out in moving heavy weights off the floor.

The same principles should be kept in mind while lifting heavy objects. It is generally advisable to kneel down on one knee while attempting to pick up heavy objects on the floor. The momentum must come from the legs to avoid putting pressure on the back. Moreover, heavy objects should be kept close to the body while being transported around.

Minor pack pain from strenuous activities could easily be treated with over the counter anti-inflammatories. A few minutes of stretching, a cool ice pack and a good night's rest are also recommended to help alleviate back pains.

These simple techniques could save years of back pain and maybe even paralysis. Proper exercise and a healthy diet are supposed to complement these mental notes. If the aforementioned back pain prevention steps do not work, a medical expert should be immediately consulted.