With many jobs in today's market requiring a person to spend a reasonable amount of their workday at a desk working on a computer companies that make office furniture, including desks, chairs, tables, etc, are starting to be more health conscious in regards to the designs of these office furniture staples. Before using ergonomic office furniture many office employees found themselves suffering from fatigue and backaches. Now manufacturing companies of these items realize that if they increase the comfort of their office staff they are going to get more work out of them and less claims of workman's compensation claims for back and other injuries from having to sit at a desk eight hours a day staring at a computer and the number of days employees are out of work. When a company offers ergonomic office furniture it is usually in reference to adjustable computer chairs and adjustable desks.

If your office job involves both sitting and standing in front of a computer eight hours a day it can be hard not only on your back but also your legs from getting up and down. On the market today there is ergonomic office furniture that will take care of both situations. This type of desk is often referred to as a sit to stand desk. In this type of ergonomic office desk there are three springs that you can operate to get your desk in the right position to work comfortably whether you are standing or sitting. If you are going to sit or stand for any length of time you can lock the mechanisms to give the desk stability.

Using this type of adjustable height workstation you have fourteen levels at which you can set it by using a hand lever to move the desk up and down. It also has a monitor shelf that has seven small rubber feet so it does not slide as you make the adjustments. This workstation has a work area that is full sized and holds everything that you would need to work at your desk.

When choosing an ergonomic height adjustable workstation you need to make sure that your desk is at the same distance from your eyes to the monitor. The reason that this is so important is that it helps keep your neck moving back or forward as you try to look at the computer monitor. Using an adjustable height workstation makes it easier on someone if they have to use another person's desk for any length of time. If someone else needs to use your desk, they can adjust it to their height and work comfortably. There will be no strain on their hands, legs, back, fingers, or neck.

When you are designing your office or the office of your secretary keep in mind their comfort and make sure that if there is going to be alternating between sitting and standing to do work you should consider investing in a set to standing desk or adjustable height workations.