When do you need surgery? Is it your surgeon says it is? Or when there are no other options? I would tend to agree on the last question. While surgery is completely overused in our country and when there is little research relating to certain procedures do not you owe it to yourself before you go under the knife? Before getting surgery every avenue should be explored and ever stone should be overturned, even if it's going outside of the medical model. I have had patients that I have needed to refer to an orthopedist, the problem is when people are ingrained in the medical model that they quickly ushered into surgery for the most part. If their condition is not life-threatening what is wrong with trying to avoid surgery at all cost.

Chiropractors have the highest patient satisfactory score out of any other healthcare providers and patients are more likely to refer other patients to chiropractors compared to anyone else. Also, chiropractic adjusting is more effective than medication in regards to almost ever musculoskeletal condition. So the question is, why are there there still more surgeries year, after year, after year. The answer is patients do not know any better, their primary care's word is usually gospel to them and most primary care doctors do not keep up with the current literature or they would know how effective chiropractic is and mostly non-effective spine surgery can be.

According to Spine Journal in a study by Street JT, et al., Morbidity and mortality of major adult spine surgery it was reported that 87 percent of the patients had a least one complication with surgery, where 39 percent had to stay in the hospital longer due to complications. It was also noted that 73.5 percent had postoperative complications, 10.5 percent had surgical complications, and 1.5 percent died. While surgery is indicated in some cases and extremely beneficial in others it needs to be noted there is great risk and every single option should be explored first. Chiropractic will work on trying to get you better naturally and keep you in a state of wellness. What do you have to lose? If you get help from chiropractic, feel better, stay off drugs, and stay healthy, great. If you do not improve or your case is very serious, then it is the right time for a surgical consultation. The point of the matter is that you can not undo surgery, start with the less invasive treatment first and work your way up.