Once you know your leg and back pain are actually caused by sciatica, you may wonder if you can see a chiropractor for some relief. You know that a chiropractor can help with other back pain, why not sciatica? First off, you must know if your condition is acute, or chronic. The chromic form lasts for more than six weeks, and is causing other symptoms as a result of your leg pain or back pain, you should consult a doctor to make certain you do not have any serious conditions that are creating your nerve pain. However, short term, or the acute form, which lasts for less than six weeks, can usually be targeted effectively with some form of chiropractic manipulations.

Spinal manipulation for acute pain has been shown to be quite effective at relieving the painful symptoms of sciatica, provided the diagnosis is for the short term, or acute condition. Your chiropractor may recommend a combination of his or her spinal articulations on your synovial joints in the office, as well as outlining some exercises that may be done at home. The adjustments given in a chiropractic office can help with the acute pain caused by your condition, along with the exercise you should be giving your body to stretch out your muscles and train your joints to move again. You should always talk to your general practitioner before you start on any form of therapy or exercise routine, to make sure it is safe for you to do so.

Seeing a chiropractor after you have been diagnosed with the acute form of this condition can ensure that you are getting a drug-free form of treatment, though if your pain is sufficient, you can ask your general practitioner what options there are for over the counter or prescription drugs. However, seeing a chiropractor for spinal manipulations is a good alternative if you can not take strong painkillers due to work or for other reasons. A good chiropractor can usually be found in your vicinity, can be recommended by friends and family. Make sure you do your research, and ask if they have had any experience with patients that are experiencing acute sciatica. The recommendation of friends or family that have seen a chiropractor for their own sciatica are usually the ones to most closely heed; they can tell you who they have seen and if the treatments helped. Seeing a chiropractor may give you the relief you are looking for.