The confusion between bulging, slipped, herniated and ruptured disks, torn disc, collapsed disc, disc protrusion, disc disease, black disc.

There are many things that can happen when you get a back injury, back pains effect 80 percent of the population at some point in there lives, whether it was from a sports activity, maybe you were in a vehicle accident, or just your age has a lot to do with what happens in your back. What is a Bulging Disc? There are many types of bulging discs, such as Cervical Bulging, Lumbar, Bulging Disk in the Back, Bulging disk in the Neck, Thoracic, Mild, Posterior and Degenerative bulging. One of the main causes of a bulging disk is age, the older you get the harder the cartilage gets which allows it to crack easier.

A vertebrae disc is a pad between each of your vertebrae's, it is a harder cartilage that covers a softer cartilage, giving cushion to your vertebrae's, a bulging disk happens when the softer disc will push out on the hard cartilage, imagine a filled donut, you start to push down on it, as it gets flatter the sides start to bulge out, now picture your disc bulging and putting pressure on the nerves around the vertebrae's, this is when the back pains happen.

When it comes to a herniated disc, slipped, torn or ruptured disc they really are all the same thing, bulging discs are more common than herniated discs, but ruptured discs will usually cause more pain, what happens when you have a herniated disc is the outer hard cartilage cracks, allowing the softer inner cartilage to push out which in turn pushes harder on the nerves causing more back pains.

These discs are made to cushion your spell, so when damage happens and these vertebrae's are crushed together you see what happens, like with the filled donut, usually a bulging disc will take place, or if the damage is severe you end up with a ruptured or herniated disc, and at that point you are probably going to need surgery.

Stretching exercises and rest can help you with bulging discs, chiropractors and medication also helps, you definitely want to take care of any back pains right away, you do not want pressure on those disc until they rupture, Bulging disc symptoms are usually worse when you 're active and gets better when you're resting or taking it easy. Bending forward, driving, coughing, sneezing, and sitting may make the back pains worse, take care of them quickly, you will be glad you did.