Back pain, we all assume it is caused by injuries, sleeping on a mattress that is old or too soft, or a bad spinal disk. And as we attempt to alleviate our back pain we naturally channel our attention towards those problems. But what if there could be another cause of back pain that did not fall into any of the above categories. Would you be inclined to check it out? If you have tried numerous other remedies with no success, my guess is you probably would.

When pain continues on an ongoing basis, it can usually be traced to a problem with one of the spinal disks. Each disk has a tough outer layer that covers a soft inner layer. If the outer layer deteriorates, the inner layer can herniate outwards compressing a nerve root or possibly the spinal cord. The result is pain or numbness. About 66% of people who have continuous back pain have a pinched nerve or nerve irritation.

Our everyday activities cause minor stress to our spinal disks and vertebrae continuously. In order for the spine to recover from this daily wear and tear it needs a good blood supply to bring in much needed oxygen and nutrients to carry away the cellular waste. This blood supply flows from the lumbar arteries which branch off the aorta as it passes down from the heart along the spine to the legs. It sees as if the abdominal aorta is among the first to develop plaque (a blockage of blood flow). Extensive studies have confirmed that people with a history of back pain have arms in the lower back that are partly or completely blocked.

So the next question is “can this blockage be reversed without surgery or other invasive procedures”? And the answer is yes. That's the good news. You know what comes next. Not the bad news but you may not like it. So here it is. You will have to change your eating habits by eliminating all meats, chicken, pork, and lean beef. All have enough cholesterol and fat to cause blockage. Fruits, vegetables, plant products, and beans have no cholesterol.

A vegetarian diet eliminates fat and cholesterol from the body, and because of the body's amazing ability to heal itself, it allows the arteries natural healing process to start cleaning out the accumulated plaque. Just as it took time for the plaque to accumulate, it will take time for the natural cleansing process to occur. Be patient and stick with the diet. You would be surprised at how many tasty dishes fall in that vegetarian category.

In the mean time, for back pain try the herbs Devil's Claw and White Willow Bark, follow the dosage listed on the bottle. Keep this in mind. The word vegetarian may sound like a dirty word right now. But give it a chance. Improve on the recipes and stick with it. You may also want to try meat substitutes. I have tried several brands and have found some to be quite good.

If you are taking prescription or over the counter drugs on a regular basis, do a Google search to see if back pain is a side effect of that drug. You will be surprised to see how many drugs have back pain as a side effect. Your back pain could be solved by simply changing medications.

If nothing has worked, consider the most simple solution of all. And I speak from personal experience. I had a continuing problem with lower back pain and nothing I tried had worked until the thought came to me out of the blue. And that thought was to try a kidney detox. I drank 64 oz of distilled water every day for 20 days (the length of the detox) abstained from alcohol and coffee, and the pain gradually went away.

One final parting thought. Our bodies talk to us and we need to listen closely. When something starts to go wrong it speaks to us in the form of pain or some other form of discomfort. It's common knowledge that long term use of prescription drugs have a detrimental effect on our bodies. If you have been taking the same prescription or over-the-counter drugs for a long period of time and you are experiencing unexplained pain, it could be your body telling you that it is time for a change. It could have been trying to get your attention by sending you pain signals. Listen to your body. A simple whole body detox or kidney detox could possibly be the answer to your problem.