Back pain clinics can be useful for patients with problems such as:

  • Acute / chronic lower pain
  • Whiplash
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica

The idea of ​​the clinics is to develop unique combinations which help offer lasting solutions by diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of pain and other common health problems which are causing the individual long term health problems.

Other treatments:

Treatments vary depending on how long you have had and how severe the pain is, each individual has a different tolerance and each problem can be different.

Long term:

For back pain which has been uploaded for more than six weeks (chronic) it could have an idea to look into the following treatments:

  • Exercise programs: These classes will typically include exercises to help strengthen your muscles and improve your post, as well as aerobic and stretching exercises.
  • Manual therapy: There are several types of manual therapy, including manipulation and massage. These are usually performed by chiropractors and physiotherapists over a period of 12 weeks.
  • Acupuncture: Involves inserting fine, solid needles into different points of the body. It has been proven to lower back pain over the period of several weeks.

If these treatments fail to make much impact of reliving the symptoms then there are other treatments available. These treatments are often more effective for people condition is seriously affecting their ability to carry out everyday tasks and feel distracted.

– Antidepressants: If the painkillers do not have much of an effect on the problem then you may be put on tricyclic antidepressants (TCA's.) These tablets were originally developed for depression but they have also been proven to be effective in reliving cases of persistent pain . They can be helpful for coping with physically and emotional with the on going effects.

– Counseling: If none of the above treatments seem to having much effect on the severity you may be offered counseling to help you work on managing your back pain by changing the way you think about your condition.

– Surgery: Surgery is usually only recommended as a form of treatment if everything else has failed. The most common procedure involves fusing the joint which is causing pain so it no longer moves to help reduce the pressure and movement when carrying out day to day tasks.

It is recommended to visit a back pain clinic to help get better or closer diagnosis on the most preferred treatments to help soothe pain or even begin the healing process.