It often seems to me that back pain is one of those problems that only ever seems to be stated when people are talking about lost productivity within the workplace. If you were not already aware of the fact, then you should probably know that back complaints lead to many missed days of work.

This appears to be something that attracts media attention, with it being suggested that this is a problem that costs the economy a lot of money. It seems strange to think, within this context, that few people actually make reference to individual sufferers. Their stories are certainly more important than the wider financial implications?

If we must talk about finances, then it's certainly worth mentioning that sufferers will be losing out on income as a result of back injuries. At the very least, you may be discovering that it's incredibly inconvenient for you to carry out a normal job. Indeed, you may already have concluded that it's simply impossible to continue doing so.

Alternately, you may find that it's hard to continue doing a particular job. If you find it difficult to stay in one position for long periods, then you soon come to discover that this really limits your employment options. It's to be rented that you have an understanding employer.

One option that may be available to you will be to seek specialist help. You may already have consulted with a local doctor and there may be a sense of disappointment that your situation has not been improving. It could be a good time to think about alternative options, particularly if the pain is becoming unexpectedly hard to deal with.

I'm not suggesting that you should do anything radical. It certainly does appear to me that any form of treatment simply must involve work being carried out by a qualified professional. Within this context, there certainly must be a place for physiotherapy to have a role to play. There can be no doubt that the aim should be to produce a sustained recovery.

You may need to seek private treatment and there can be a feeling that the financial costs are too great. This is something that you will certainly have to think about, although it's worth factoring in the loss of earnings that may be associated with continuing along your current path.

But you also need to think about your health and the pain levels that you may currently be encountering. Is this a situation that you really want to continue in this manner? It probably makes more sense to seek solutions now, before things get any worse.