There are a lots of muscles, tendons, joints and nerves in a person's lower back region. All these structures may develop problems and can require treatment. The most common problem met in the doctors' practices is the one of the lower back pain.

What is more important is that the pain can radiate to extremities and it can cause spasms in the muscles, problems when walking, pain in the back and, in the worst cases, it can even lead to weakness or numbness in the legs and pain in the muscles. I'm sure everyone knows that all types of pain can be extremely devastating, and this is why the majority of people search proper management for pain.

Why does lower back pain appear?

There are lots of things that can cause pain (injuries, kidney problems and many other similar situations). In order to surrender damage to the spine, you have to go to a doctor. This way you can be sure you receive the proper treatment.

The pain can also come from strained back muscles or from various other causes, like spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, fractures, tumors or bulging discs. All these elements will require treatment.

Since the pain can have various causes, the doctors will have to do a complex exam and get patients to tell everything about the kind of pain, its severity, the moment the pain started and the activity they were doing when the pain occurred.

Categories of treatments for lower back pain

There are lots of types of treatments that can do wonders in the case of the lower back pain. Whether we are talking about exercises, medication, steroids, stretches or surgery, the patient has to be aware of the possibilities. There are cases when the situation resolves itself on its own, but there are also cases when the treatment needs to be practiced for weeks or years. This depends on the degree of pain that a person feels.

What Exercises Are Better For Lower Back Pain?

The exercises that help with lower back pain can involve stretches and exercises. Just a couple of repetitions can start a good treatment session. In time, you can do around 15-20 repetitions in order to improve your mood and treat your pain.

One of the most popular exercises is named the 'cat stretch.' How can you do it? Get on your knees and hands, raise the head and pull the muscles of the stomach towards the ground. This will make you arch your back and stretch it as hard as you can. After this, you can drop the head, tuck in the chin and raise the back. These stretches will help your back and make it stronger.