In the past adjustable beds have not been taken seriously as a legitimate bed for home use. Most people think of a hospital bed when you mention adjustable beds. They imagine someone lying in a funny position with their arm or leg bandaged hanging from a hospital bed trapeze.

However over the last few decades Americans have begun to accept adjustable beds as a normal bed and they are now putting them into their bedrooms. Not only have they discovered that these beds fit attractively into their bedroom decor but they also realized that the adjustable bed has more utility than the traditional flatbed. This is especially true for those who suffer with aches, pains and health problems. A flatbed will always be flat. As for an adjustable bed you can use it as a flatbed but when you need a little elevation to help you sleep more soundly with an ache, pain or health problem all you have to do is elevate the head or the foot of the bed into a comfortable and relaxing position and fall sleep. For example those who can not sleep at night because their spouse snores loudly will soon discover that elevating the head of their spouse's adjustable bed can alleviate the loud snoring. Those who buy an electric bed usually have a health problem or a physical injury that is keeping them from sleeping at night. The problem is lying flat for hours during the night puts extreme pressure on your shoulders, arms hips and legs causing you discomfort. In addition to the discomfort of chewing this way can aggravate your existing health problems or injuries keeping you awake at night.

Another health problem that an adjustable bed might help with is low back pain. Most Americans have suffered with some type of back pain in their lives. Most of these people find it impossible to get a good night sleep on a flatbed. They toss and turn all night trying to get their back back into a comfortable position. Unfortunately for most of these people it does not matter where they move to their not going to find a comfortable position for very long. On the other hand sleeping on an adjustable bed with your head elevated and your knees flexed can relax the muscles and move the spine into a natural and comfortable position. In this position the spine has a better chance to rest and recuperate and temporally alleviate the back pain giving you a better nights rest.

Low back pain is a big problem for many Americans every night. However there is another health problem that adjustable beds can help with that is not discussed much, and that problem is acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is when the entrance to your stomach, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) does not close all the way after your food pass through it. The acid from your stomach travels through the LES and into your esophagus (throat area) and over time the stomach acid can cause irreversible damage to the esophagus. Some of the symptoms may be burning throat, heart burn or chest pains. Lying in a flat position at night can easily allow the acid in your stomach to move through the lower esophageal sphincter and into the throat area while you are trying to sleep. Of course the burning sensation or the feeling of the acid moving in reverse into your throat wakes you up and it causes you to sit up. An adjustable bed with the head of the bed in an upright position can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux disease giving you a better night sleep as well as keeping the stomach acid away from your esophagus preventing possible irreversible damage.

Adjustable beds can bring you better health. The flatbed is the bed of the past. It was comfortable when you were younger but over the years your body has changed and now it needs something better. You only have one body, continue to be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you. Get a comfortable and relaxing adjustable bed. Your body describes it.