To learn how to treat low back pain at home, it is important to know what you can do and can not do with your body. Back pain can be caused by a number of ways including prolonged sitting or standing, ill-fitting shoes, and poor walking posture. The key here is not to over extend your body so every tip must be completed with deliberation consideration.

Keep reasonably active

One of the simplest and easiest back pain remedies at home is to keep moving. The last thing that you would want to do is hit the sack. Bed rest may only serve to aggravate the condition as laying on bed puts more stress on your already bad back. What you should do is limber up and move about as these warm and strengthen the sore muscles. Walk around the house, do chores, just make sure not to do heavy lifting, bend too far or make any sudden movement.

Learn Pilates

If you want to learn how to give low back pain, learn Pilates. Pilates helps to relieve your discomfort and may even prevent a recurrence as it strengthens the core muscles that support the back. Based on the principle that the body should be structurally balanced to function at the optimum level, the gentle stretching exercises and post enhancing movements of Pilates align the body parts so that balance is achieved.

Self massage

Self massage is one of the recommended back pain remedies at home. This home relief suggestion is easier than you think, and requires only tennis balls and a thin mattress. Lay your back on the mattress, with knees bent and feet flat on the ground slip a tennis ball under your back then hold it there for a few seconds. Move the ball to a new area then hold again. If you want a more “thorough” massage, put two tennis balls inside a sock or stockings, and follow the same instructions as above.

Seat Therapy

You can do this simple treatment at home. You need a chair with back rest and a small rubber ball. Sit on the chair with your spine lengthen, and back straight and knees together with feet flat on the floor. Sit on rubber ball on your tailbone and row left to right. In this position, you are forced to sit up straight and lengthen your spell, stretching your back. Remove the ball after 5 minutes and rest.

Sit back and relax

Some conditions are merely symptoms of stress. This method in fact is the easiest to do. In fact, you are literally asked to do nothing. So for a day or two, disconnect the phones, stay offline, grab a book and play soothing music. You will feel better once your stress level goes down.

These 5 simple ways to relieve back pain at home are only for minor conditions. Most cases such nature go away after a few days. But if the discomfort is severe and lasts indefinitely, it is best that you consult a specialist and perform some back pain relief exercises.