Lower back pain is one of the common problems of the elderly people. But now lower pain is becoming quite common for all age groups. Backache generally happens due to muscle stress or injuries. Due to advancement in science, doctors are prescribing medicines to the patients. But sometimes, medicinal treatments do not work well. In such situations, doing certain exercises and taking rest help in reducing the pain.

Sciatica: Causes In Brief

Back muscle pain is the primary cause of the acute ache or sciatica. Lifting heavy objects from the ground, twisting, physical injury or even sudden movements can cause pain in the lower region of vertebral column. Injuries generally stretch the ligaments which increase the pain. Ligament stretches also cause microscopic muscle tears. Once you are feeling the ache, you should immediately consult a doctor. As we well know all that “prevention is better than cure”, you must avoid lifting heavy objects and avoid exercises that are harmful. Here are some of the measures for lower backache relief.

1. Release Inner Endorphins

Endorphins naturally occur in the body. When this hormone flows in the blood stream, it blocks the pathway of the pain signals to connect with the brain. This hormone also helps in decreasing anxiety and depression from the body. Too much stress is one of the common causes for backache. Some of the techniques that help in releasing the endorphins are massage therapies, acupuncture, deep breathing, sleep and aerobic exercises.

2. Good Sleep

Pain is one of the major causes of insomnia. Out of three patients, two of them generally suffer from sleeping disorders. Inadequate sleep also increases sciatica. Pain in the back portion and insomnia go hand in hand. Taking rest is a good effort in curing the lower backache. Meditation, changing lifestyle, taking healthy food and eating less coffee and drugs can promote sleep.

3. Do the Right Exercise

Exercises are one of the best ways to eliminate pain in the back region. The muscles in the abs and in the lower back region play an important role to support the lower lumbar spine. Exercises generally help in keeping your abs in good condition. There are certain exercises that help in fighting against sciatica. You can do these exercises regularly to reduce sciatica.

4. Make Yourself Busy

Pain specialists suggest engaging your brain in other activities. Make yourself busy and just avoid the pain sensation. The ways in which your brain interprets and processes pain play a significant role in how you perceive your pain.

These are some of the common remedies that will help you to fight against sciatica. Exercises and sound sleep are great ways for minimizing back pain. Stretches and exercises are very simple and you have to do them carefully.