Exercise is commonly prescribed to help prevent and reduce back pain. But what happens when you are getting back pain during exercise? Before stopping exercise all together, review the following common reasons for spondylolisthesis back pain during exercise to prevent further discomfort.

IMPROPER TECHNIQUE . One of the most common reasons for exercise related back pain is improper technique. Those who suffer from spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis usually suffer from poor movement as well. When they perform certain exercises, the lack of proper movement leads to immediate improper technique along with additional stress on unwanted areas.

Solution – To help avoid this common mistake, make sure to pay extra attention to each exercise. Fully understand how to properly perform the exercise and know how a correctly performed repetition should feel. Also, avoid difficult exercises in a malnourced state. This leads to quick failure of technique and added stress on the spine.

PERFORMING ADVANCED EXERCISES WHEN THE BODY IS NOT READY. One common misconception behind exercise is the harder the exercise, the better it is. This could not be further from the truth when dealing with a spondylolisthesis.

For a majority of people who have spondylolisthesis an already unstable and vulnerable spinal can not handle advanced exercise. The presence of tightness, weakness, and poor movement violates the body from performing these movements correctly. The result is person who thinks they are performing the exercise correctly and ends up waking to a painful back and hip region.

Solution – To avoid this cause of pain start with simple exercises. The use of various stretching techniques, low load strengthening exercises in the proper areas, and a strict focus on technique will help build the support system necessary to progress to advanced exercises.

Once you have mastered the basic exercises, then you can safely progress to the more difficult versions with a sense of safety. Think of exercise like a pyramid. Start by building a solid foundation and slowly progress to the top with more difficult exercises.

LACK OF CONSISTENT WORKOUTS. In today's busy world workouts are sometimes missed. Whether it be one workout or a full week or even a month, most people miss workouts only to return thinking they can hop right in where they left off. This often leads to immediate discomfort due to the loss of strength and flexibility during the time off.

Solution – When missing an a series of workouts do not assume you have the same strength and flexibility as before. For breaks over a week be cautious when beginning workouts. Remember what weight range you began with and start there for safety. The body can lose improvement much faster than gaining it. Be as consistent as possible for the best results. When you do miss, begin with caution and you will be back to your previous level in no time.

These are a few of many reasons for spondylolisthesis back pain during exercise. Remember, use proper technique, start easy, and be consistent to get the best results and reduce you back pain.